Anatolia’s Gate Restaurant

I have to admit, it feels a little cheap to be writing a review for this place because it is one of my all-time favourite places to go to for Turkish food. A bit of a warning, this post is mostly me just raving about how amazing this restaurant is. Please excuse is poorly taken photo! I’ll stop being lazy and get my nice camera out to take some better food shots.

Alright where do I start. I’ve been coming to this place for years now and am so happy the flavours have stayed the same. Most of the meals come with a delicious, chewy bread called lavash that’s baked in the large stone oven they have. The bread, with your choice of white (my guilty recommendation) or wheat, comes to your table all puffed up so I usually use a fork to stab it down before consuming it with the delicious yogurt sauce. Definitely Instagram photo worthy. Today I ordered the Chicken Curry ($15.95) and my cousin got the lamb tandur ($18.95). The curry was the right amount of spicy with succulent, juicy chicken pieces. The side dishes were a great accompaniment to give my palate some variety and encouragement to consume more food. The lamb tandur was also delicious, cooked perfectly as the exterior was crisp and the interior was juicy and tender. Everything here is so great, I’m drooling just writing about it.

More of my favourites include their pides, pizzas, and iskenders. I’ve yet to try their durums but that’s definitely next on the list. You really can’t go wrong with this place! The service here is also great because it’s a small place with a ton of servers. They’re all friendly and happy to give recommendations. The restaurant is also filled with pretty Turkish decor and music, it’s a very authentic feel.

There’s honestly nothing very bad I can say about this place, except for the unfortunate fact that my small budget can’t sustain me having frequent meals here.

Service: 4/5 Friendly staff, excellent service. They do get a bit bored and I wish they stopped starting at us so much.
Taste: 4.8/5 Some of the side dishes are a little too sour for my liking but that’s probably a preference issue.
Price: $$


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