Mountain Top BBQ @ Whistler

Food, food, food.

Oh man, I don’t know what to say about this one. Whistler is such an amazing tourist trap, the activities here are just amazing. if you ever get the chance to come here, either during the summer or the winter, you have to get the BBQ and lift combo. For just $70 you get an amazing BBQ dinner on top of a gorgeous mountain view, which is awesome after you’ve had a long hike on the beautiful mountains. I sound like a marketer trying to sell this, must be the inner-Sauder in me trying to get out.

In comparison to the Opera Buffet at the Pan Pacific Hotel the food is average, the roasted prime rib of beef is slightly fat on the edges but nice and juicy (especially with the au jus). Vegetables and salads are all nicely seasoned, nothing too bland, soggy, or salty (except the chicken, the outside of the rub was a bit salty). The corn, however, was not too sweet. Bread was also cold (having nice bread is always a big bonus). But considering the fact that this buffet was so cheap with the lift ticket and the prime rib was all-you-can-eat this is a great deal.

I'm cereal, the view is godly.
I’m cereal, the view is godly.

Did I also mention there was live music and that the beautiful mountain vista was right outside?

Okay. I’ll stop trying to sell this.

But seriously you have to come here.


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