The Stonesedge Kitchen

Life has been busy lately. A bulk of my stress from work has been lifted, but aside from work I also had the chance to go on a trip to Whistler with my closest friends (which was super nice). Three days and two nights were not enough to explore the great wonders of this little overpriced-but-worth-it tourist trap, but we tried our best to spend every minute of it exhausted.

The hotel we stayed in was called Adara Hotel and they were one of the few hotels that would accept guests under 25 (which is the ridiculous age requirement present at most Whistler hotels). Since they conveniently had a in house restaurant attached to the hotel and a 10% discount for hotel guests, we spent most of our Whistler meals here.

I ate my first meal, brunch, and last meal at Whistler here and both times the restaurant seemed fairly empty (of course, it wasn’t peak hours when I arrived). The decor here is like most locally focused and sourced restaurants in the area, woodsy, comfy, and very, very hipster (complete with an abundance of mason jar filled drinks and plants).The servers were super nice and accommodating, giving a friendly vibe that was pretty genuine.

The dishes/drinks I had were the Roast Duck Mac N Cheese ($9), Smoked Salmon Bene ($14), and and Kate-Aid ($4)


After we had checked in and put down our luggage we headed over to this place famished as most of us had eaten very little or non prior to boarding (we aren’t a very prepared bunch of people). I was craving for comfort food and the Roast Duck Mac N Cheese definitely hit the spot. The cheese was not overwhelmingly heavy and the chunks of duck inside were very flavourful and generous. The pasta itself was cooked slightly over al dente, but that’s too be expected of Mac N Cheese. My only regret is that there was so little of it (my friends thoroughly enjoyed stealing my mac). I think I would have been satisfied if they increased my portion of pasta by a little bit as the size of dish was comparable to that of my cup (see fork for size comparison).


To accompany my meal I had the Kate-Aid, a refreshing chilled green tea with orange zest and lavender honey. The strongest component to this drink would probably be the lavender honey, I could definitely taste it. The problem was that was the only thing I could taste. At most, the drink was a chilled, slightly sweet lavender water. The tea and orange was not present, but it was still a nice drink to have on a hot day.

The last meal I had on the morning of my departure was the Smoked Salmon Bene (see feature photo, sorry for the strong colours, the photo was really dark). Honestly it was my first time having eggs Benedict and it will for sure not be my last. The hollandaise sauce was foamy, light, and buttery so I wish I ordered my eggs to be medium poached rather than soft. Smashed avocado and smoked salmon on ciabatta bread made this a sinfully expensive breakfast to have but man, it was good. Potatoes lightly salted and crispy. My only regret was that I had to scarf it down to catch my bus.

Service: 3.3/5 Servers were nice, considering we were those annoying large tables that had to split the bill.
Taste: 4.4/5 Local, fresh, and very delicious. Only wish they had larger servings for my mac N cheese.
Decor: 4/5 So very hipster, but hipster is always nice (IT IS, DON’T DENY IT)


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