Hugo’s Churros

I’ve been swamped with work lately and with school starting, I hope I can still stay consistent with my posting haha. I stumbled upon Hugo’s Churros while stalking the photos of those who went to the McArthurGlen Outlet Mall (took me a while to actually get use to the name of that mall).

Being the doughnut connoisseur I truly believe I am, I just had to go try it. Churros are life.

You can get these delicious sticks for $3, or 2 for $5 (not too bad, I need 2 of them to satisfy my cravings). The outside is crispy and sweet, and the inside is slightly dense, resembling a cakey texture.

Call me weird but I like the super crispy churros from PNE the best as I am not a fan of dense, cakey things but still… Churros in every texture are still superior to many foods on this Earth. Buuuuuut, I would definitely come and get a churro from Hugo’s every time I shop at McArthurglen (which, by the way, has great deals when you’re not crowded with billions of tourists and actually can take the time to look around).


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