Mountain Top BBQ @ Whistler

Food, food, food.

Oh man, I don’t know what to say about this one. Whistler is such an amazing tourist trap, the activities here are just amazing. if you ever get the chance to come here, either during the summer or the winter, you have to get the BBQ and lift combo. For just $70 you get an amazing BBQ dinner on top of a gorgeous mountain view, which is awesome after you’ve had a long hike on the beautiful mountains. I sound like a marketer trying to sell this, must be the inner-Sauder in me trying to get out.

In comparison to the Opera Buffet at the Pan Pacific Hotel the food is average, the roasted prime rib of beef is slightly fat on the edges but nice and juicy (especially with the au jus). Vegetables and salads are all nicely seasoned, nothing too bland, soggy, or salty (except the chicken, the outside of the rub was a bit salty). The corn, however, was not too sweet. Bread was also cold (having nice bread is always a big bonus). But considering the fact that this buffet was so cheap with the lift ticket and the prime rib was all-you-can-eat this is a great deal.

I'm cereal, the view is godly.
I’m cereal, the view is godly.

Did I also mention there was live music and that the beautiful mountain vista was right outside?

Okay. I’ll stop trying to sell this.

But seriously you have to come here.


Richmond Night Market

Before I talk about how amazing the night market is, let me tell you how happy I am to finally have a functioning internet. Turns out my router was never broken and that the fault lied with our awful internet package. All is well, and I hope to never see 1200 ping on a speed test ever again.

Cheesy Fry
Cheesy Fry

Now on to the night market. This place basically gives you a glimpse of what food stalls in Asia look like, loud and noisy crowds, large amounts of cheap counterfeit goods, but most importantly great street food (except everything is much more expensive in Canada).

As always I came here famished and ready to eat, opting to hit the stalls before browsing around the stores. The line up to actually get in was quite daunting but it cleared up quickly and, in ten minutes, I was well on my way to foodie heaven. I tried my best to remember what I had, how much it was, and where I had it but it was difficult. Please bear with my awful memory.

The first dish (as seen on the feature photo) was this mochi takoyaki from a storm I cannot rememberIt might be because I was famished, but this mochi was absolutely delicious. Chewy, crispy, creamy, and savoury, anything with Japanese mayo, takoyaki sauce, and seaweed is good in my books.

The second dish was a deep fried shrimp waffle sandwich thing from Cheesy Fry ($1 off any item if you use the coupon book). Another one of my favourites for the day, generous portions of deep fried shrimp and cabbage inside a potato-y waffle sandwich. The waffle itself is not too tasty without the shrimp so its not the perfect dish, but the shrimp was very good.

It kind of looks like poo. But don't worry, it didn't taste like poo.
It kind of looks like poo. But don’t worry, it didn’t taste like poo.
Cinderella and Blue Hawaii.
Cinderella and Blue Hawaii.

Third item of the day was a thai curry poutine from a vendor that specialized in thai cuisine. Honestly the dish looks quite unappetizing but the flavour was alright. It was very monotone and didn’t have much depth so I don’t recommend ordering this one.

Fourth item (our stomachs were getting full at this point) was the illusive liquid nitrogen-y drinks at Bubble Pop. We received $1.50 off the purchase of 2 drinks so that wasn’t too bad. I ordered a Blue Hawaii while my friend got the Cinderella. Effect-wise this was definitely interesting, if you like posting brag-worthy instagram photos then this is definitely the stall to take your pics at. The smoking effect of the drink lasts for around 6-7 minutes so you’ll have a good chance to take a few shots. Taste-wise it was alright. If you’re one of the few individuals that hate the taste of semi-artificial coconut then definitely don’t get the Blue Hawaii because, well, it just tastes like artificial coconut water.

Pan fried ice cream rolls.

At this point our stomachs were beyond their limits and we were feeling pretty full so we decided to head out. HOWEVER, while walking past the stalls towards the exit we found the stall that served pan fried ice cream. Personally, I had fangirled over this quite hard as it looked amazing on these Facebook videos that always popped up on my screen. Watching the process of how they made it was quite amazing too as they roll them into very large portions and add dollops of whipped cream and pearl things on top. The texture of the ice cream was like a strange, thick cornstarch-y mixture but it did not have a starchy flavour. This item is very filling and they provide around 6-7 rolls of this ice cream so make sure to share it with a friend. I ordered the green tea flavour but I really wish I got the oreo one, it looked really good.

There are many great food stalls here, but equally a large amount of awful ones too. Aside from the ones I tried today I also recommend the Taiyaki, Ramen, Squid, and Bubble Waffles (always a night market classic). Avoid the extra large takoyaki and get the regular sized ones, the large ones always seem slightly uncooked on the inside. But anywho, come with a empty stomach and a large appetite for new and strange foods, despite the night market being a yearly event it always has a few new surprises in store.

The Stonesedge Kitchen

Life has been busy lately. A bulk of my stress from work has been lifted, but aside from work I also had the chance to go on a trip to Whistler with my closest friends (which was super nice). Three days and two nights were not enough to explore the great wonders of this little overpriced-but-worth-it tourist trap, but we tried our best to spend every minute of it exhausted.

The hotel we stayed in was called Adara Hotel and they were one of the few hotels that would accept guests under 25 (which is the ridiculous age requirement present at most Whistler hotels). Since they conveniently had a in house restaurant attached to the hotel and a 10% discount for hotel guests, we spent most of our Whistler meals here.

I ate my first meal, brunch, and last meal at Whistler here and both times the restaurant seemed fairly empty (of course, it wasn’t peak hours when I arrived). The decor here is like most locally focused and sourced restaurants in the area, woodsy, comfy, and very, very hipster (complete with an abundance of mason jar filled drinks and plants).The servers were super nice and accommodating, giving a friendly vibe that was pretty genuine.

The dishes/drinks I had were the Roast Duck Mac N Cheese ($9), Smoked Salmon Bene ($14), and and Kate-Aid ($4)


After we had checked in and put down our luggage we headed over to this place famished as most of us had eaten very little or non prior to boarding (we aren’t a very prepared bunch of people). I was craving for comfort food and the Roast Duck Mac N Cheese definitely hit the spot. The cheese was not overwhelmingly heavy and the chunks of duck inside were very flavourful and generous. The pasta itself was cooked slightly over al dente, but that’s too be expected of Mac N Cheese. My only regret is that there was so little of it (my friends thoroughly enjoyed stealing my mac). I think I would have been satisfied if they increased my portion of pasta by a little bit as the size of dish was comparable to that of my cup (see fork for size comparison).


To accompany my meal I had the Kate-Aid, a refreshing chilled green tea with orange zest and lavender honey. The strongest component to this drink would probably be the lavender honey, I could definitely taste it. The problem was that was the only thing I could taste. At most, the drink was a chilled, slightly sweet lavender water. The tea and orange was not present, but it was still a nice drink to have on a hot day.

The last meal I had on the morning of my departure was the Smoked Salmon Bene (see feature photo, sorry for the strong colours, the photo was really dark). Honestly it was my first time having eggs Benedict and it will for sure not be my last. The hollandaise sauce was foamy, light, and buttery so I wish I ordered my eggs to be medium poached rather than soft. Smashed avocado and smoked salmon on ciabatta bread made this a sinfully expensive breakfast to have but man, it was good. Potatoes lightly salted and crispy. My only regret was that I had to scarf it down to catch my bus.

Service: 3.3/5 Servers were nice, considering we were those annoying large tables that had to split the bill.
Taste: 4.4/5 Local, fresh, and very delicious. Only wish they had larger servings for my mac N cheese.
Decor: 4/5 So very hipster, but hipster is always nice (IT IS, DON’T DENY IT)

Hugo’s Churros

I’ve been swamped with work lately and with school starting, I hope I can still stay consistent with my posting haha. I stumbled upon Hugo’s Churros while stalking the photos of those who went to the McArthurGlen Outlet Mall (took me a while to actually get use to the name of that mall).

Being the doughnut connoisseur I truly believe I am, I just had to go try it. Churros are life.

You can get these delicious sticks for $3, or 2 for $5 (not too bad, I need 2 of them to satisfy my cravings). The outside is crispy and sweet, and the inside is slightly dense, resembling a cakey texture.

Call me weird but I like the super crispy churros from PNE the best as I am not a fan of dense, cakey things but still… Churros in every texture are still superior to many foods on this Earth. Buuuuuut, I would definitely come and get a churro from Hugo’s every time I shop at McArthurglen (which, by the way, has great deals when you’re not crowded with billions of tourists and actually can take the time to look around).

Cafe Savoureux

Caramel Macchiato
Caramel Macchiato

I came in to this cafe with a friend (who shall not be named, but if I say friend it’s safe to assume shes always “the friend”) during our adventures in Richmond. The small cafe is hidden away in one of the many plazas located in Richmond, making it a destination not known to many.

When I first stepped in it gave off a very cozy, vintage cafe feel.Comfy couches and cute teacups, along with the smell of coffee is basically the recipe for the perfect study spot (although I just gorged on desserts the whole time, which I will talk about in a second).

The coffee shop, to my delight, actually had a large selection of coffee. Aside from the standard pricey coffee prices present in most coffee shops, they also had a selection of super fancy coffee I dare not consume ($25/cup). Not exactly sure how coffee from a really high place taste like, but i’ll save that for when I’m richer.

I completely drooled all over the cake display though, my sweet tooth was dying to sink it’s teeth into some baked goods. My friend and I ordered an earl grey cheese cake, blueberry panna cotta and a “many layers of chocolate” cake. The earl grey cheesecake was aromatic and delicious, the bergamot flavour was present but not too overpowering. However, it was a bit heavy on the last bite (possibly because we ordered three desserts and two coffee, us pigs). Panna cotta was delicious and creamy and well, the chocolate cake was awesome.

Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee

As for the drinks we got an iced coffee and a caramel macchiato. My caramel macchiato was mlider than the ones found in Cafe Artigiano, but still the caramel flavour was nice. I just wish there was more of it because, well, who doesn’t want more coffee?

Service: 3/5 Server seemed like a new girl, she was awkward but she tried.
Taste: 4/5 Pricey, but the quality makes up for it.
Decor: 3.8/5 Nice and cozy, slightly reminiscent of an English cottage.